Today we are going to talk about writing


I believe that we are all writers – every one of us has produced a letter,  an email, or another kind of written work – starting from when we were kids. When we are young we just write, without much thinking about it, with our imagination rich and unhindered by any constraints which stops us from being creative later in life. As we grow older, all sorts of  insecurities kick in, and our imagination is nowhere to be found…


To get it back, we need to learn to reconnect with that confidence which we had as young children, before the school and other institutions started to control our thoughts and  making us doubt that we were no good at it.  But it is never late to reconnect with that child within, so let us get our writing talent known and appreciated, share our knowledge with the world, and – and make money in the process! How good is that – to write and be paid for writing, knowing that YOU TOO CAN CREATE A BOOK :FOR WHICH SOMEONE IS PREPARED TO PAY. Don’t you find it exciting?


I would like to make it clear that I am not going to talk about how to become a literary genius, create another “War and Peace” or “Harry Potter”. The kind of writing I would like to speak about is the one which is going to aim to solve your readers’ problems, or be applicable to their lives in other ways. In other words, what I would call “practical writing”. It is of course up to you if you want to learn to write fiction, etc. In fact, I am going to be at the “Millionaire Bootcamp for Authors” which is taking place in London next weekend – Mar 3 2018. I will certainly share what I have learned with you, but if you are reading this post before the event, I suggest getting yourself a ticket if you are interested in creative writing. The event has a number of successful authors lined up.


Back to our topic.  If you have never created your own book, you will be asking yourself lots of questions, such as – where shall I start? What shall I write about? And many more. To answer these questions, start asking yourself these questions:

Then start brainstorming every one of these questions. For example, you are an expert in website design and want to write a book about it. Or maybe you are no longer interested in the subject… You may be passionate about guitar, or want to learn Flamenco… You are interested in copy writing and know an expert whom you can interview… You have a dog who has behaviour problems, and you want to find a solution to it… Or your friend is suffering from bad eczema and you want to help him or her… Your child is leaving home, and you are finding it hard to adjust…


Write it all down – you will need 20-25 ideas at this point. Now write down all the objections you have to writing a book (or any other type of info product, although we will focus on books for now). Is it lack of time? Lack of knowledge and expertise? Lack of belief in yourself, or that the product will be of interest to others? Write down everything.


Having written down what it stopping you from writing a book / creating an info product, write down against each excuse how you can overcome it. For example, how you can free that time for writing, or how you can deal with your lack of experience, where you can find an expert to approach for an interview… and so on.


Now you need to narrow down your choice of subjects by eliminating  those ones which you think you are simply not that interested in, and leaving 5-6 of those which you see most potential in and feel good about writing.

 Start researching it to see determine how popular the subject is. The best places for such research are Amazon and Google. In Amazon you can find a box which allows to sort the books by a number of categories, such as relevance, popularity, price, etc. Choose “popularity”, and you will get the idea of what is selling well. From there you can start narrowing down your search to the categories that you are interested in. For example, you are interested in dog training. You can narrow down even further – by dog breeds, kind of training, etc. The more specific you are, the better, if you want to be regarded as an authority in your subject. Dog training is too wide a subject, and narrowing it down and writing on that specific subject will catapult you into the “expert” category fairly soon. Remember – competition is good. Make sure that you do have a healthy competition at least in the general field you are going to write about. If nobody has written about it, then there is probably no money in the niche. In this case – keep researching.


Doing research on Google will determine how many people are searching for the subject.  Use google keywords to do it – a very powerful tool which allows to narrow down the search to a very narrow niche, and it will give you a number of searches done in this niche at any given time. Another great way to search for subjects and popularity is using Yahoo Answers.  Using Google, enter site: “how do I”. The very top entries are the most popular ones of course, but you still want to narrow your search down to the subject of your choice.


You can also find a subject to write about by researching other people’s products. Find the most popular ones, study them, and see what you can write on the subject to make it original and interesting. Become better than your competition at the subject while you are doing your research. Of course, I am not suggesting plagiarising, but studying success is the best way to be successful.


There are other ways and places too – Ehow, EzineArticles, and many many more. However, Amazon and Google are the biggest and  best places for research, and if you use all of their resources, I am sure that you will come up with good results. And remember to use mind maps – a great tool to keep track of your progress.


In the next post we will talk about creating your first product – a short report on the chosen subject.  In the meantime –  start brainstorming your ideas. And do remember to leave your comments below!

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